What we do

Engaging on a Personal Level

Face-to-Face marketing is a highly effective and engaging way to interact with customers. This method works particularly well in appealing to potential donors in the fundraising industries. Guided conversations and human interaction can educate and inspire a response and therefore a donation or sale.

Our clients will receive access to our professionally crafted approach to engaging people in a face-to-face environment.

Ultra Possibilities receive a commission based on providing a successful donor or customer for our clients. In the course of a normal day one Face-to-Face agent will have around 180 to 200 interactions with passer-by traffic.

Why Face-to-Face Marketing?

Our clients receive their message personally delivered by an experienced, well trained and highly motivated agent. We use un-obstructive well-received stopping approaches to engage customers in a conversation, then by using questioning techniques and hot topic points to stimulate a two-way engaging conversation around the client’s message we steer the conversation through the sales process and close the sale with a positive personal touch.

Our clients love using Ultra Possibilities for Face-to-Face marketing as we are able to deliver results without compromising in our standards or creating customer complaints.

Face-to-Face Marketing delivers an opportunity to get your message to the masses.

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