Working at Ultra Possibilities

Opportunities We Offer

Ultra Possibilities is looking for two types of people; it is a necessity that everyone that joins the company learns the basic sales and marketing as a Sales Agent. In this stage you will learn our basic systems and company principles. What we are looking for is someone who is going to grasp the basics, and want to move forward in the company.Moving from being a..

Sales Agent - responsibilities would be conducting sales on a day-to-day basis. Progress into a..

Trainer - Responsible for conducting sales and training new recruits on the basic sales and marketing.

Team Leader - You will be responsible for driving sales and meeting targets for a team of 5+ people, running travel trips across the country, goal setting, reporting straight to the Executive Manager and Managing Director of the company. If you are more ambitious, then there are also Executive Manager opportunities and beyond to strive for.

Executive Manager - You will be responsible for running an office, with your own client and a team of 12+ people. We need to develop more Executive Managers!! Ultra Possibilities are looking for people that want to strive for success and want to play an integral role in the future growth of the company, be part of and join our successful Entrepreneur thinking Executive Management team.

If this sounds like a company that you want to be part of, we would love to hear from you.

Engaging on a Personal Level

Face-to-Face marketing is a highly effective and engaging way to interact with customers. This method works particularly well in appealing to potential donors in the fundraising industries. Guided conversations and human interaction can educate and inspire a response and therefore a donation or sale.

Our clients will receive access to our professionally crafted approach to engaging people in a face-to-face environment.

Ultra Possibilities receive a commission based on providing a successful donor or customer for our clients. In the course of a normal day one Face-to-Face agent will have around 180 to 200 interactions with passer-by traffic.

Why Face-to-Face Marketing?

Our clients receive their message personally delivered by an experienced, well trained and highly motivated agent. We use un-obstructive well-received stopping approaches to engage customers in a conversation, then by using questioning techniques and hot topic points to stimulate a two-way engaging conversation around the client’s message we steer the conversation through the sales process and close the sale with a positive personal touch.

Our clients love using Ultra Possibilities for Face-to-Face marketing as we are able to deliver results without compromising in our standards or creating customer complaints.

Face-to-Face Marketing delivers an opportunity to get your message to the masses.


Ultra possibilities has a fun and professional work place environment. The employees are motivated and always friendly which as a result creates a very positive culture within the office. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 2 years being apart of the team.

Joseph woods

Ultra has the best work environment I’ve ever been in, great people to work with that make everyday different and enjoyable! I’ve never been in a job that I’m excited to wake up and get to. I’m the most motivated I’ve ever been.

Luke Dann

This ain’t no ordinary 9-5 job. If you’re here to work your ass off as well as have fun while doing so you’ve come to the right place!! ULTRA POSSIBILITIES really lives up to its name. It gives you the opportunity to get out of bed every morning and look forward to actually going to work for a change. From the office environment to different communities you have a good time with exceptional colleagues and excellent team morale. A never give up attitude and determined to work ethic. Honestly plain and simple there is never a boring moment!!!

Brad Mostyn