You may have noticed them in shopping centres, on city street corners, outside your local train station, or perhaps knocking on your door to talk about the work of Cancer Council NSW. They are the fundraisers who help to connect Cancer Council NSW with the New South Wales public. They aim to recruit donors who are able to give on a regular basis – our important ‘regular givers’.

Cancer Council NSW receives only 3 per cent of its income from the government, which means that we rely heavily on the support of generous individuals across NSW.

Without the conversations our face-to-face and door-to-door teams have, a huge amount of the research we are currently doing just wouldn’t be happening.

Regular Giving

Regular giving is an ongoing gift through automatic amounts (usually monthly) via bank account or credit card. Cancer Council’s Regular Giving Program, also known as Breakthrough Program, is one of the most effective ways to support our cause.

The Breakthrough Program provides us with the financial confidence to commit to long term funding of research projects, leading us to the next cancer research breakthrough.

Breakthrough fundraising

Breakthrough fundraising is one of the most affordable and effective ways of recruiting new supporters to Cancer Council NSW. External agencies conduct the majority of the acquisition for our Breakthrough Program. Using these agencies means we are able to keep our costs down as they provide cost-effective quality training and professional representation for Cancer Council NSW.


Cancer Council NSW fundraisers knock on people’s doors to discuss our work and seek a regular donation. Fundraisers work through the day and early evening up until 8 p.m. to encourage people to sign up.

Streets and shopping centres

This type of fundraising involves speaking directly to people in the street or in shopping centres Monday to Saturday asking them to support us with a regular gift. Teams visit most towns and communities across NSW. 


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Other activities

Cancer Council NSW also recruits Regular Givers through telemarketing, online and direct mail.

How to recognise a legitimate fundraiser

All Cancer Council fundraisers are trained in Cancer Council’s mission and services so they are knowledgeable ambassadors for our charity. Our fundraisers wear Cancer Council NSW branded clothing with our logo front and back, and SunSmart hats when the weather calls for such. Their ID badges state that they are paid and carry the name of the third party agency. They do not accept cash, instead asking for monthly donations by direct debit or credit card.



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